Sunday, June 12, 2011


Emotions must have played an important role in our evolutionary past. Emotions guide our most primal behaviors. I hypothesize that animals whose cerebral cortex are less developed, live a more emotional life.
I believe our emotions were very useful in the more primitive environments in which we evolved: the hunter gatherer society.

Emotions range from fear which prepares an organism for fight or flight.

  • Hunger is for signaling lack of nutrients.
  • Horniness signals the need to find a mate and to reproduce.
  • Sadness could signal to members of the tribe, some sort of distress. The sadness attracts the attention of caring family members who give the sad person attention, which makes them feel better.
  • Happiness signals a good situation (i.e. enough food, water, mate selection) and denotes high social value.
  • Many people let their emotions govern their behavior. I think to thrive in today's society it is better to be in control of your emotions as much as possible. To be cool as a cucumber, calculating, precise. Our emotions were designed for simpler times. Its our job to use our intellect to shape our emotions to help us get ahead.

    In my case, I would like to show loving compassion to my family and close friends as much as possible. Everybody else is one among many, anonymous. Treat these people in a way that benefits you the most. Be polite with everybody but do not tolerate their bullshit. Remember that people are a commodity in great surplus. If they give you trouble there are literally millions of people out there who can replace them...

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