Saturday, September 22, 2012

Society's Meltdown

My theory is that the speed of deterioration of our institutions is following a parabolic trajectory. Right now we are at the beginning, where decay is generally overlooked because it occurs during time spans above and beyond society's television induced 30 second attention span. A sovereign debt crises will NOT unfold at lighting speed, because to the attentive eye, it is, and has been, visibly and steadily doing so since 2008. What will occur at lightning speed is the collective realization of desperation when the population realizes the depth and extent that the Government-Finance-Frankenstein's phallus has ravaged and pillaged their assholes. That's when we will see all the revelous riotry that has infected the Med Club Nations spread here in North-America... That is, however, if the administration, with its overstock of tear gas, tasers, and rubber bullets allows it.

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